"Safeguarding is a stength of the school" - OFSTED

The Foundation Stage

Hello and welcome to the Foundation Stage, Nursery and Reception Class!


My name is Mrs Gibson and our teaching assistants Mrs Channa Schwartz, Mrs Joanne Brunner. Mrs Chava  Coleman  is our Hebrew Studies teacher.

We all work together as a team to ensure that your child has the opportunities to reach their full potential. We strive to create a safe, happy, nurturing, positive learning environment.

We have lots of fun in the Foundation Stage learning through both play-based and focused planned activities.

To further the development and learning of each child, we work on a two-year rolling plan, our topics this year include: 

All about me

Night and Day


Nursery Rhymes/Traditional tales


All the World’s a Stage


All children in the Foundation Stage are taught Phonics and Maths daily to provide a good foundation on which they can further develop throughout the school.


We have two fantastic classrooms with more than 13 areas for the children to develop their own learning through a range of play activities. We also have two outdoor play areas and we can often be found putting our hats, scarves and coats on exploring and enjoying the outdoor environment no matter what the weather! 


For further information, please see our 'Welcome Booklets' for Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2 


Reinforced learning is key to all children. We embrace the support you provide at home to your child, and it is vital that the children read and write at home on a regular basis. Even five minutes a day can have a huge impact on a child’s learning and confidence! We are always available to speak to parents and our door is always open. We welcome you to come and have a look around at our lovely classrooms!



Mrs Gibson